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Our Mission

With over a decade of experience within the Mortgage industry, we have an expert understanding of not only the mortgage market, but also the customer journey.


At Northern Mortgages we believe that getting a Mortgage, or your Insurance, should be honest, transparent, fast and completely FREE.


Our application process is straightforward and saves you time and money as we handle liaising with the lenders and all of the associated paperwork.

Business Growth

How We Work

We take the time to understand every customers’ needs and circumstances and tailor our advice to meet your specific requirements. Before we will recommend a product to you, we will listen to ensure that what we will offer is the right fit for your lifestyle. We understand that when you are deciding on what, for most of us, is the biggest financial investment of our lives, you need to be confident in who you are taking advice from.


We Explain

Mortgage and Insurance products come with a lot of jargon and terminology, we strive to keep things clear, honest and transparent. We will explain the products, their benefits and why it will specifically work for you in clear and simple terms. If you ever have any questions, we aim to respond as quickly as possible.


We Take Care Of You

Once we have agreed on the most suitable Mortgage and Insurance for you, we will take care of everything! This includes the paperwork, liaising with the lenders and keeping you updated on any channel you choose – be that email, phone call etc, whatever works for you. We pride ourselves on giving the best advice and providing the right products to our customers


How is it Free?

All mortgage brokers get paid a fee by the lender upon completion of a mortgage. In addition to this, most of these brokers will also charge you a hefty fee, however, our service is funded entirely by mortgage lenders, which doesn’t affect your mortgage in any way, and means you won’t ever have to pay us a penny!

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