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How much you can borrow for a mortgage depends on several factors, and lenders have different criteria.

Usually, though, what you can borrow will be based on your age, employment status, deposit amount, credit rating and existing credit commitments.

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An interest-only mortgage means you only pay the interest cost each month, and your loan amount remains the same. 

If you choose to opt for an interest-only mortgage, you will have two options at the end of your term.

Option 1 is to sell your house to repay your mortgage, and option 2 is to find another source for repaying your mortgage loan amount.

On the other hand, a repayment mortgage means that you make all your regular payments each month, and at the end of your mortgage term, all of your mortgage will have been completely paid.

For most mortgage lenders, you’ll need a minimum deposit of 5%, but it’s more common now for lenders to want you to have a 10-15% deposit.

So, for a house in Northern Ireland valued at £100,000, you’ll need a deposit of between £5,000 and £15,000 in most cases.

The cost of your monthly mortgage will vary depending on your loan amount, the interest rate and the term length of your mortgage.

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